Top 5 Everyday Carry Flashlights

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An everyday carry flashlight should be portable to help you light your way, blind an attacker if needed and tracing things in tight spaces. Your every day carry flashlight should have some or all of these qualities; a right size that you can manage to depend on your means of carrying, have an LED that is durable, permanent housing, easily rechargeable, good shock and water resistance, different modes, momentary and adjustable beams. Below are the best EDC flashlights.

Surefire P2X Fury

It is suitable for special forces and law enforcement. Since their duties are demanding daily, the torch is reliable, rugged and gives excellent brightness. It has a hard anodized body that can be used for defense and meets military specifications. Besides, the torch has a shock-proof LED that delivers light regardless of the condition. The reflector of the light is micro-textured to ensure an ideal transmission of light apart from having a tempered glass window that can withstand harsh temperatures and effects.

Fenix PD35

The flashlight is famous to EDC individuals, following its manageable size, quality brightness and its hard body that has a higher impact resistance. Unlike previously, the light is now giving 960 lumens from 850 making it ravishing. You can use it for illumination in a whole room and as a weapon for blinding attackers. It has six light modes which you can quickly switch to by the utilization of a side switch, apart from having a simple tail cap for switching to flashing light.

CRKT Williams Tactical Flashlight

The tactical light is named after its designer, James Williams, who was a military officer, a knife designer and a martial art pro. It has a hard body whose toughness is similar to that of nails as it designed as weapon besides being a flashlight. It has multiple light modes, which you can access by the use of a rubberized tail cap. Also, it has a compact size and a holding clip to ensure you get a firm grip on it always.

Zebralight Sc52w L2

The potency of the torch is its small size and the fact that it can use rechargeable batteries. It is easy to carry and grip, besides being inexpensive to operate with time. It has a grooved body which makes it grip, hence easy to stand it on head. Although it has a small size to ensure it fits in your palm, it delivers 300 lumens of quality light. It has nine lighting modes, which you can switch to quickly, by the use of the open cap-mounted switch.

Streamlight Pro Tac 2AAA

It has a penlight design, hence the best ultra compact EDC torch. It uses C4 LED technology, hence dazzling and durable with a bulb lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Despite its size, it has multiple light modes which you can easily enjoy for long, in addition to a hard anodized body with a toothed cap, hence a good defense item.

Finally, there are other EDC flashlights to choose from, depending on your needs and design preferences.